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Alicheapbrands is an open gallery website of many sellers from China. All the sellers update their products by themself every day. We are not responsible for any mistakes, misleading or missing information in products, or if you do not get the product as described. China sellers insert all this information into this website, including pictures. We are also not responsible for any orders you make with Aliexpress sellers, who promote their products on this website. You should get in touch with the seller and follow the mandatory rules in communication. Please read them carefully, before you buy them. As this is an open gallery for everyone, it is out of our possibilities and responsibilities to check if the product is original or not, if the description is correct or not. We are not selling or promoting any products on this website. We advise you to check this with shop sellers in the product URL, what items do you buy.

Counterfeit Product Original/ Copy Considerations

It is forbidden to BUY any counterfeit products. You may be exposed to fees when receiving such a product.

Some of the products might not have the same materials and manufacturing conditions that will be applied to fake products. When the product comes from a different factory, the seller has tried to get closer to the finished product but probably does not follow the manufacturing process. The quality may vary significantly from the original product and be in almost all cases lower. However, this is an excellent opportunity to test the product at a lower price, and if you are convinced by the design, you can decide to buy the official model. The lifetime of the AliExpress product will most likely be lower than the original product.

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