Hidden offers and sales of Brands from Aliexpress

Hidden sales are the new terminology that was created among Aliexpress shoppers. If you are looking for beautiful and quality brand goods, you should know what this term means. In our article, you will learn how to shop through hidden sales and what rules to follow.

It is very important to distinguish between the terms “Aliexpress” and „Aliexpress sellers”. Imagine Aliexpress as a giant department store, and there are vendors such as Deichman, A3 Sport, CCC, New Yorker, H & M. Etc. Aliexpress oversees that all sales are following their rules. One of the rules is that sellers do not sell branded goods and do not violate the rights of individual brands. At the end of the article, you’ll find examples of hidden offers.

How do Aliexpress hidden links work?

Aliexpress vendors are not allowed to sell fake branded goods. So not to violate the rules set out by Aliexpress hidden sales had begun. This means that the Aliexpress vendor puts out evening dress in its offer, but after ordering and fulfilling the hidden sale, Pandora branded watches will be sent to your home. You pay for clothes, but your watch will arrive home.

How do I recognize that this is a hidden sale?

You are now thinking about how you recognize that it’s about selling Pandora’s watches and not dresses or anything else. YOU WON’T KNOW. Only if we announce this offer because we are in close contact with our vendors. All hidden sales can be found in our articles about branded products. Everything is divided by brands, so you can easily find what you are looking for. You will always see a picture of what you are ordering. If it is possible to order more kinds or colors of watches, shoes, t-shirts, then the numbers, which you can choose and order, are written there. You will always find the instructions for each item.

Are the recommended vendors verified?

These vendors have no ratings. In this case, the same vendor rating rules do not apply as in the case of classic orders. These are the vendors with whom we communicate directly and who give us these tips right after publishing them. We consider these vendors to be valid because we have ordered goods from them several times and we know that the goods are beautiful. The quality of the goods is excellent, so we recommend it to you as well. Hidden sales are sent to us by Aliexpress vendors themselves, so we always have new links.

What are the rules of hidden Aliexpress links?

To make several hidden links as high as possible, do not write questions about the branded goods to the seller and also do not give feedback on the goods. And never open the dispute. If you have any problem with your order, write the seller the message, but don`t mention the brands.

Why not open a dispute?

If you open a dispute, there is a risk that Aliexpress will close the whole shop. If you have a problem, ask through a message on Aliexpress or what you would like to agree with. Make sure you do not mention the brand name or anything that could harm the vendor in the report.

Why should not I write questions to the vendor?

Aliexpress has a system to control what you write with the seller. Using filtering, it searches for vendor messages that mention brand names. When there is a lot of questions about one product, it is clear that something is wrong.

Why should not I give any feedback?

If Aliexpress sees people uploading photos of the branded goods they bought from the seller, they will cancel the shop and all their goods will be gone. You will not help anyone, you’ll be hurt. Starting a new shop is worth $ 1,500

Why do the links to branded goods stop working after a while?

An offer is created for only 48 hours, so the vendor minimalizes the chances of Aliexpress finding out and closing its shop. Then the link is inactive. If this offer was exposed for a longer time, Aliexpress will block the seller. The seller would have to create a new online store and re-pay $ 1,500.

Inactive links are also canceled by sellers themselves, if something happens that could endanger them.

I created an order, but the order link is no longer active.

It’s alright. You have nothing to worry about. If your goods don’t arrive, you are protected by Aliexpress. In case of a dispute, you will be refunded for undelivered goods. No matter whether the goods were branded or not.

What is the delivery time of branded goods?

From our experience, the goods arrived within 15-30 days from ordering.

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